A Beginning!

A common approach to correcting the "race problem" within organizations has been a matter of quotas or visible representation of diversity. But we must ask: Why must diversity be emphasized? What are we including people into? Why does inequity exists?

Despite the present-day political resistance to a critical examination of racism, the fact remains that the fundamental issues around DEI are deeply rooted in a lack of understanding of whiteness as a normative and often unconscious system of dominance. This criticism is meant to be understood more than feared or defended.

To embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion requires courage, diligence, and must include a thorough and ongoing examination of whiteness and its impact on cultural belonging. This is fundamentally a leadership imperative.

This mini talk offers organizational leaders, consultants, and coaches a place to begin and deepen this investigation.

Note: We recommend that you read Mindful of Race: Transforming racism from the inside out for a thorough understanding on this topic.