Meditations for clarity, stability, and inner freedom
A self-paced retreat with Ruth King

We all have ways of protecting ourselves from racial harm. We may strike out, walk out, or numb out, depending on the situation. Yet underneath all of our actions, despite appearances, is a shared and deep desire face our lives with wise presence, tenderness, and care.

In this course, Ruth King will introduce heart practices designed to help the mind embrace racial fear and distress, allowing you to more clearly examine your relationship to your racial history, beliefs, and impulses. These practices invite us to investigate the structures of oppression engraved in our mind that are then reflected in the world. We will also discover the subtle ways we disown or dismiss fleeting experiences of freedom.

With practice, we can cultivate an inner atmosphere of warmth, genuine acceptance, and spacious openness. These profound mind states are not dependent on external circumstances. Instead, they naturally reveal themselves when we are not at war with our thoughts and emotions and can nurture what is wounded.

Throughout our journey you will learn how to:

  • Strengthen your capacity to face racial fear, distress, and injustice without turning away;
  • Examine your racial beliefs, impulses, and habits of harm;
  • Nurture what is internalized and tender with kind attention and acceptance;
  • Learn to rest and remain steady and clear regardless of our circumstances.

The self-paced retreat includes:

  • Teachings on four heart practices: kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and equanimity;
  • Weekly reflections;
  • Over 10 guided meditations led by Ruth King;
  • Tips to help you establish and maintain a regular meditation practice.