Our lives represent a mosaic with many shades, shadows, and shapes of experiences. In our relational world of vast diversity, kinship, and division, we have all been racially programmed, trained through many generations in how to perceive race—our own and that of others.

The racial ignorance and distress we see in the world today is a reflection of the mind playing itself out in grand scale on the big screen, projecting our collective and often unconscious mental habits. 

When we are willing to look closer at our habits of mind, we begin to see beyond the glossy print of fixed perceptions to the nuances, the subtle gradation, the treasure in the understated, even the forbidden. This discernment begins inside.

In this course you learn:

  1. The Cycle of Misperception that perpetuate racial bias, harm, and injury;
  2. R.A.I.N. – a framework for working with racial distress to slow down and examine the construction of racial ignorance and suffering in our mind and body that is reflected in the world through our actions, and;
  3. Bonus offer of Coaching with RAIN.

This mindfulness-based beginner's course is an invitation to examine more deeply our inner distress and racial habits of harm so that our response to outer racial suffering can be attended to more wisely.

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Slowing Down & Waking Up to Inner Racial Bias

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