How to Apply

How to Register for the Program

1. Form Your Racial Affinity Group

In order to register for the program, you will need to be part of a racial affinity group with an appointed designated coordinator, who is responsible for submitting your group’s application form. You cannot register for this program as an individual. 

This program is designed for groups of four to eight participants, ideally of similar racial and gender affinity. We will not accept groups with less than four members or more than eight members. If you have more than eight members who are interested in joining, we encourage you to break off into smaller groups and apply separately.

Note: This program is not intended for racial groups that represent a mix of racial identities (i.e. Black, Asian, White, Latinx, etc. in one group).

2. Consent and Commitment

Invite people who might be interested in exploring their racial conditioning over time and within community, as well as those who you think would respond well to a structured and introspective approach. 

Each participant should be willing to commit to the year-long program. This includes time for individual reflection and three hours each month for group meetings. You can meet physically, virtually, or a combination of in-person and online gatherings. This flexibility allows people who may live in different time zones the ability to participate.

3. Appoint a Designated Coordinator

Each group must appoint a designated coordinator (DC). The DC will often be the person who takes the lead in forming your racial affinity group or inviting members to join. They are responsible for filling out and submitting the group’s application form. They are also responsible for ensuring that members register and pay for the course once the group's application has been approved.

Once the program begins, racial affinity groups are peer-led and will share monthly responsibilities. Throughout the year-long program, DCs will act as the liaison between their group and the Institute's RAGDP support team. We ask that DCs commit to this role for the duration of the training.

4. Fill Out the Application

Once you have at least four committed racial affinity group members (and no more than eight), your DC should fill out this RAGDP application form on behalf of the group.

Before filling out the application, DCs should ensure that all group members meet the prerequisites, are able to commit to the year, and are prepared to make payment. This form requires the names, email address, and gender identity of each group member, as well as a group name (have fun with it!).

5. Choose a Payment Plan

We have a number of payment plans available to meet a range of needs for participating in this 12-month, in-depth training. Each participant in your RA group should choose a price level from the options below, and DCs should indicate this choice on the application form. All course fees are due by July 15.

General Rate | $2,950 USD per person

This rate covers the base of our program and also takes into consideration the financial hardship of our times that many are experiencing.

BIPOC Scholarship Rate | $2,450 USD per person

This rate honors financial inequities chronically experienced by members of BIPOC communities and offers assistance should it be necessary. 

Pay It Forward | $3,550 per person

With the pay-it-forward rate, you are helping to fund the general rate and BIPOC scholarship fund, making it possible for those who would otherwise be unable to participate.

Shoot for the Stars | $5,000 USD per person

Your generous contribution will not only allow others to join RAGDP who would be otherwise unable to attend due to lack of funds, but also paying at this level supports the Institute in expanding its offerings.

Support the Institute

Feel free to make a donation even if you do not plan to participate in the program. Your contribution keeps us going!

6. Application and Payment Process

Applications are accepted from March 1 through June 15, 2021. All applications must be submitted by June 15.

Please allow up to 5–7 business days for a response from the Institute with regard to the status of your application.

Remember, applications should be submitted by DCs once all members are prepared to pay. Once your application has been accepted, we will provide each member with a link to register and pay for the program at the rate specified in your group's application form. We strongly encourage that all members register and pay within two weeks of receiving the registration link.

While you apply as a group and are accepted as a group, each member registers and pays separately and has an individual login account and private access our learning portal. 

All payments must be made by July 15. 

7. Cancellation, Approval, and Course Access

You may cancel the program and receive a full refund by August 1, minus a 10% booking fee. 

Note: Cancelling the program may impact the status of your group’s application. For example, if your application represents four members and one person cancels, you must find an additional member no later than August 15 in order to participate in the program.

The RAGDP design aims to ensure group commitment, growth, and cohesion. We therefore ask that any changes to your group’s application be made no later than August 15. This includes adding new members to meet the maximum of eight participants or finding new members should your group drop below four members. 

Your group’s application will be placed in pending status if your group drops below the 4-member minimum or if all group members have not paid by the payment deadline. Once all group members have paid, your designated coordinator will be informed of your application’s approval in the program. 

Upon registration and payment, participants will gain access to introductory course material starting on September 1, 2021, followed by a live orientation session with Ruth King on September 25.

Participants will retain access to the course through December 1, 2022. After this date, participants will no longer have access to course material.

Program Prerequisites

  1. Read Mindful of Race by Ruth King. You can purchase a copy of the book here.
  2. Meet with your racial affinity group prior to the program launch to get acquainted and to discuss the book together.

Together, these prerequisites will support a more graceful transition into our year of learning (and unlearning) together.

We hope to support you on this journey

To learn more about the program and the registration process, please refer to our FAQ page.