What Sets Us Apart

Program Distinction

Racism is a heart disease, and it's curable!

In Brave Space, you learn about race and racism by bearing witness to each other's lives, by becoming a resource to each other, and by being a reflection of what's possible. You engage in an honest encounter with your past that challenges the racial repetition of harm that lives in your mind and body and is reflected in the world. Your participation in this program is a declaration of responsibility and compassion for humanity.

The Power of Racial Inquiry

With carefully constructed race-based inquiry, we will discover how we have been conditioned to respond to race, racism, and internalized oppression. We will deepen our understanding of how this conditioning has impacted our capacity to connect with members of our own race and contribute to social harmony.

The Power of Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice is at the heart of understanding and integrating racial awareness. By incorporating key principles of mindfulness meditation with race-based inquiry, we will discern our racial perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and views. We will recognize habits of harm, discover what silence can teach us, and practice habits that support inner stability and compassion.

The Power of Racial Affinity

By acknowledging and unlearning our racial conditioning with members of our own race, we will cultivate greater connection and sensitivity as a racial group. Learning to connect more deeply with our own racial group clarifies our understanding of our group needs and supports group healing. It also supports our capacity to respond to social needs across race with more sensitivity, choice, and accountability.

The Power of Group Development

When sharing racial experiences, we can often feel exposed or unskilled. These feelings can trigger a number of exit impulses, including dropping out, shutting down, remaining superficial, or staying guarded. Because of this predictable vulnerability, your racial affinity group is supported in navigating three stages of group life: Inclusion, Control, and Belonging. When embraced with greater awareness, each stage establishes the necessary support for group commitment, honesty, and connection. 

Enrollment Opens Spring 2022