Ruth King, Founder of Mindful of Race Online Academy™

Mindful of Race Online Academy

The Online Academy was established to support influencers seeking to engage in the inner work of racial healing and social intimacy. Our educational programs provide an introspective investigation of our racial conditioning and impact.

Founded by Ruth King, the Institute serves leaders, facilitators, coaches, consultants, health and healing practitioners, and artists and activists in influencing the racial potential of social harmony.

Transforming Racism from the Inside Out!

Racism remains one of the most rooted and painful impasses of our time. It is fed through unawareness, oppressive systems, and the misuse of power. Racism is a heart disease, and it's curable! Deepening our understanding of how we have been conditioned to think and react is curative to this heart disease and fundamental to collective wellbeing.

Distinct to the Institute's programs are opportunities to examine and transform our racial conditioning as individuals and as racial groups within the systemic power structures that we inhabit. Our training programs and interventions emphasize racial understanding, connection, and accountability.

Transforming through Mindful Investigation

The Mindful of Race Online Academy offers online study programs that deepen our understanding of how we individually and collectively contribute to racial harm and harmony. 

Mindfulness principles and meditation practices are core to this investigation as they support us in understanding our racial habits, history, and heritage as lived in our bodies and minds, and reflected in the world. Mindfulness practice ripens awareness, curiosity, and presence, and reveals to us both the raw truth of racial distress and our experiences of freedom from distress. Further, a mindfulness approach to racial awareness supports integration of racial awareness and clarifies an appropriate response to social and organizational harmony.

Our programs support teams and organizations to align with diversity, equity, and inclusion aspirations.

A Few Featured Programs:

Fundamental: Mindful of Race 101, Why are matters of race still matters of concern throughout the world? And what does this have to do with me?
Mindful of Race 101
Immersion: Brave Space, Racial affinity group development program. Deconstructing how we have been programmed to think and respond to race and racism, and recognizing whether our habits are harming or healing.
Brave Space Program
Maturation: Six Hindrances to Racial Harmony. A Self-study online course. In this course we discover six common patterns that hinder racial harmony and explore our capacity to influence change from the inside out.
Six Hindrances to Racial Harmony